KS36507 Kleenmaid Washing Machine Agitator

KS36507 Kleenmaid Washing Machine Agitator

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Kleenmaid Washing Machine Agitator.

Suits Models Including: kaw351wg kaw651 kaw693w-3050 kaw793w-3050 kaw393w-3050 lwk73aw-3050 lwk23aw-3050 lwk24aw-3050 lwk24nw-3050 lwk74aw-3050 lwk74nw-3050 AWM250W-2200 AWM251W-2200 AWM251W-99E7 AWM270W-3062 AWM292W-2200 AWM292W22200 AWM293W-2200 AWM293W22200 AWM372W-3062 AWM373W-3062 AWM392W-1000 AWM392W-2200 AWM392W-3000 AWM392W-3300 AWM392W21000 AWM392W22200 AWM392W23000 AWM392W23300 AWM393W-1000 AWM393W-2200 AWM393W-3000 AWM393W-3050 AWM393W-3059 AWM393W-3300 AWM393W21000 AWM393W22200 AWM393W23000 AWM393W23050 AWM393W23059 AWM393W23069 AWM393W23300 AWM593W-2200 AWM593W22200 AWN311SP111TW01 AWN412SP111TW01 AWN432SP111TW01 AWN542SP111TW01 AWN552SN301AW01 AWS17NW AWS44NW AWS45NW AWS48NW AWS51NW AWS52NW AWS53NW AWS75NW AWS76NW AWZ17NW-1102 AWZ44NW-1102 AWZ45NW-1102 AWZ51NW-1102 AWZ52NW-1102 LWD51NW-1100 LWD52MW-1100 LWD52NW-1100 LWG74AW-3050 LWH16NW-3322 LWH18AW-3322 LWH18NW-3322 LWS11AW-3062 LWS11NW-3062 LWS21AW-3062 LWS21NW-3062 LWS52NW-1127 LWT42NW-1100 LWT52NW-1100 LWZ22MW-1102 LWZ22NW-1102 LWZ42MW-1102 LWZ42NW-1102 LWZ52MW-1102 LWZ52NW-1102 LWZ77MW-1102 LWZ77NW-1102 SWM190W SWT011WA3000 SWT011WA3062 SWT011WN3062 SWT211WA3000 SWT211WA3062 SWT211WN3062 SWT811WN3062 SWT911WN3062 LWS42NW-3050 SWT121WM3000 SWT421WM3000 SWT421WM3022 SWT421WM3050 SWTA21WM3022 SWTA21WM3050 SWTA21WN3050 SWTF21WM3050 SWTF21WN3050 SWTX21WM3000 SWTX21WM3020 SWTX21WM3022 SWTX21WM3050 SWTX21WM3069 SWTX21WN3000 SWTX21WN3020 SWTX21WN3022 SWTX21WN3050 SWTX21WN3069 Replaces part numbers: ks33174 ks39156

This is a factory original replacement part to suit Kleenmaid. Mr Appliance offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Kleenmaid Appliance Spare Parts

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