KS35517 Belt - Kleenmaid washing machine 693 & 793

KS35517 Belt - Kleenmaid washing machine 693 & 793

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Quality Kleenmaid part KS35517 Belt - Kleenmaid washing machine

Suits the KAW693 and KAW793 Kleenmaid automatic washing machines

The belt is 25cm in diameter

We stock a large range of washing machine parts for all the popular models.

This is a factory original replacement part to suit Kleenmaid. Mr Appliance offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Kleenmaid Appliance Spare Parts

Replaces the following part numbers: KS35517, 1654759

Suits models: KAW693W-3050, KAW393W-3050, EA2111WT3050, AWC393W23059, AWG100W, AWG200W, AWG200W2, AWG202W, AWG204W2, AWG390W, AWG392W, AWM250W-2200, AWM251W-2200, AWM251W-99E7, AWM270W-3062, AWM292W-2200, AWM292W22200, AWM293W-2200, AWM293W22200, AWM372W-3062, AWM373W-3062, AWM392W-1000, AWM392W-1088, AWM392W-2200, AWM392W-3000, AWM392W-3088, AWM392W-3300, AWM392W21000, AWM392W21088, AWM392W22200, AWM392W23000, AWM392W23088, AWM392W23300, AWM393W-1000, AWM393W-2200, AWM393W-3000, AWM393W-3050, AWM393W-3059, AWM393W-3300, AWM393W21000, AWM393W22200, AWM393W23000, AWM393W23050, AWM393W23059, AWM393W23069, AWM393W23300, AWM593W-2200, AWM593W22200, AWM593W299F5, AWM593W299F7, EA2010WA3088, EA2011WA3000, EA2011WA3050, EA2011-3000, EA2011-3050, EA2111WA3000, EA2111WA3050, EA2111WA3059, EA2111WA3069, EA2111WA5400, EA2111WA5406, EA2111WA5412, EA2111WA5417, EA2111-3000, EA2111-3050, EA2111-3059, EA2111-5400, EA2111-5406, EA2111-5412, EA2111-5417, EA2211WA1200, EA2211WA1300, EA2211WA3000, EA2211WA3066, EA2211-1200, EA2211-1300, EA2211-3000, EA2211-3066, EA2921WA3000, EA2921WA3050, EA2921WA3059, EA2921-3000, EA2921-3050, EA2921-3059, SWM190W, KAW793W-3050

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