ACC050 Remote Universal Kelvinator Air Conditioner

ACC050 Remote Universal Kelvinator Air Conditioner

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ACC050 Remote Universal Kelvinator Air Conditioner

This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part. All Electrolux Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands. Mr Appliance Offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Genuine electrolux Spare Parts.

This remote was designed to replace all existing Kelvinator Air-Con Remotes. It is known to work with a wide variety of other machines as well.

Replaces the following part numbers: 671120011E, 671120012M, 6711A20073V, 671120012A, 671120010D, 0367820042, 6711A20013U, 671120010B, 0367820058, 0367820057, 671120010F, 6711A20010N, 6711A20013W, AKB73315608, AKB74375404, 1681779, 1550064, 1550262, 1550377, 1550261, 1550065, 1550216, 694279, 1550550, 1549508, 6943, 1548923, 1550505, 1547171, 1549386, 1548081, 1552710, 15480, 1550103, 1550217

Suits models: KSC10G, LS-K2468CM, LS-K2420HL, LS-K2467HM, KSR10G, LS-M3063HL, KSC20C, KSC25C, LS-M3063CL, KSR20E, LS-K1860HM, KSR15D, LS-K1860CL, LS-K1860HL, LS-W246KMBO, LS-K2420CL, KSE26CRB, ESD30HRA, ESD24HRA, KWH26CRC, 950132936, KWH26HRA, KWH26CRB, KWH26CRA, KWH26HRE, 950001234, KWH26HRC, 950132937, KWH26HRB, KSE35HRB, KSE26CRA, KSE26HRA, KSV26HRA, LS-T186AEM, LS-T246LEM, KSC35G, LS-M306LDL, LS-M306LEL, KSR35FG, LS-M3064EL, KSR10E, LS-R126AEL, KSC15G, KSR20D, KSR20G, KSC25F, KSC20F, KSC15F-01, KSC20F-01, KSC25F-01, KSR25F-01, KSR20F-01, KSR15F-01, KSR20F, KSR25F, KSR35F, AS-W1863RH1 (ASNW1863RH1.AMRBLAP), LSZ092VM-5, LSZ244VT-5, LSZ122VM-5, LSZ182VM-4, LSZ244VM-4, LSZ092VM-4, LSZ122VM-4, LSZ244VM-6, LSK244V-3, KSR27IG, KSR20C, LST243C-2, KSR25F01, KSR15G, KSR25C, KSR25E, KSR24G, KRS24G, KSC10E, KSR10C, KSR27G, KSR35G, KSR27FG, KSR10F, KSR15F, KSC35F

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