7021948 Dishwasher Inlet Valve - Single 10mm 7L/m

7021948 Dishwasher Inlet Valve - Single 10mm 7L/m

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7021948 Dishwasher inlet valve dishlex 90 deg, 10mm outlet. 7021948 - 7L/min flow. Suits Vulcan Dishlex dishwashers. 

The later model global Series Dishlex Dishwashers do not use this valve. They use the 0136400026 valve, Which looks identical but it is only 4L/Min.  

Inlet Valve Summary:

360313 - 16L/M 10MM (washing machines)
7021948 - 7L/M 10mm (early Dishelx Dishwasher)
0136400041 - 4l/M 10mm - now use 0136400026
0136400026 - 4L/M 12.5mm. (most newer dishwashers)

This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part. All Electrolux Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Replaces the following part numbers: 0136400026, 8905146, 0136400014, 0136400005, 0136400041, 1883570100, 672050200002, 693050122, 813050133, 1616324, 1615822, 1615858, 1614672, 1610566, 1610378, 1614989, 1613963, 1614402, 1614615

Suits models: DX302WJ*00, DX302SJ*01, DX302WJ*01, DX302SJ*00, SB907SJ*02, SB907WJ*02, SB915KJ*02, SB915SJ*02, SB915WJ*02, DX310SA*01, SB907SJ*09, SB907WJ*09, SB907SJ*10, SB907WJ*10, SB907SJ*03, SB907WJ*03, SB915KJ*03, SB915SJ*03, SB915WJ*03, DX302ISJ*00, DX302ISJ*01, DX302ISJ*03, 8945WW, 8945BK, 8947BK, 8947WW, 8948BK, 8948WW, 8965BK, 8965SB, 8965WW, 8985BK, 8985SB, 8985WW, 8987BK, 8987SB, 8987WW, 8988BK, 8988WW, 8967BK, 8967SB, 8967WW, 8968BK, 8968WW, SB907SJ*05, SB907WJ*05, SB907SJ*06, SB907WJ*06, SB915KJ*08, SB915SJ*08, SB915WJ*08, SB907SJ*07, SB907WJ*07, SB907SJ*08, SB907WJ*08, SB907SJ*04, SB907WJ*04, SB915KJ*04, SB915SJ*04, SB915WJ*04, DX302ISJ*04, DX302ISJ*05, 8915BK, 8915WW, 8917BK, 8917WW, 8952WW, SB915KJ*05, SB915SJ*05, SB915WJ*05, DX102SJ*02, DX102WJ*02, DXCLRIWW*A, DXCLRISB*A, DXCLRFWW*A, SB915KJ*07, SB915SJ*07, SB915WJ*07, 52B870SJ*02, 52B870WJ*02, 52B890SJ*02, 52B890WJ*02, DX102SJ*00, DX102WJ*00, DX100FBS*A, EX302SB*00, EX302WB*00, EX302SB*02, EX302SB*03, EX302WB*02, EX302WB*03, DX102SJ*01, DX102WJ*01, DX300WA*03, SB915KJ*06, SB915SJ*06, SB915WJ*06, SB925SJ*06, 52B850SF*01, 52B850WF*01, 5211864BW*04, 52B9601W*04, 52B850WF*00, 52B950WF*01, 52B950WF*00, 52B980SF*01, 52B980WF*01, SB906B*01, 52B980BW000, 52B960IW000, 52B960BB000, 52B960BW000, 52B880MB000, 52B880BB000, 52B860BB000, 52B860BW000, 52225000, 52227000, 52A906BW, 52B860FW000, 52B860BW*00, 52B862BW000, 52B864BW000, 52B866BW000, 52B868BW000, 52B880BW000, 52B880MW000, 52B960IB000, 52B980BB000, DX302SJ*03, DX302WJ*03, DX302SJ*04, DX302WJ*04, DX302SJ*05, DX302WJ*05, DX302SJ*06, DX302WJ*06, DX302SJ-AA*02, DX302WJ-AA*02, 52B850SJ*05, 52B850WJ*05, 52B850WJ*01, 52B850SJ*02, 52B850WJ*02, 52B850SJ*01, 52B870SJ*06, 52B870WJ*06, 52B870SJ*07, 52B870WJ*07, 52B850SJ*07, 52B850WJ*07, 52B850SJ*06, 52B850WJ*06, EX302SJ*05, EX302WJ*05, 52B850SJ*03, 52B850WJ*03, 52B850SJ*04, 52B850WJ*04, EX500ISB*00, DX102SJ*03, DX102WJ*03, EX500ISC*02, EX500ISB*01, EX500ISC*00, 52B870WJ*08, 52B870SJ*08, EX302SJ*00, EX302WJ*00, EX302SJ*02, EX302WJ*02, EX302SJ*03, EX302WJ*03, EX302SJ*04, EX302WJ*04, 52B890SJ*06, 52B890WJ*06, SB921WH*04, SB920SH, SB921KH, SB921SH, 52B850SH, 52B980SH, 52271000, 52371000, 52571000, 53271000, 53571000, 52235000, 52255000, 52265000, 52275000, 52285000, 52535000, 52555000, 52565000, 52575000, 52585000, 53275000, 53575000, 54551000, 52A860BB, 52A860BW, 52A860FB, 52A866BW, 52A880BB, 52A880BW, 52A880MB, 52A880MW, 52A960BB, 52A960BW, 52A960IB, 52A960IW, 52A980BB, 52A980BW, 52B840BW*00, SB920WE*04, DX500IWW, DX500IBK, DX500ISB, DX500FWW, DX500FBK, DX500FBS, B8552WB, 702, 8821, 8564, 708A, 7057WB, 7057WD, 7058AC, 7057AC, 7058GG, 7058WW, 7059AC, 7059WB, 100S, 250SD, 500E, C8551AC, D8552WB, 7058WB, C8551GG, C8551WB, C8552AC, C8552WB, D8551AC, D8551GG, D8551WB, D8552AC, A8571BB, A8571WW, B8571BB, B8571WW, 8572AM, 8572WG, MILANO, B8551AC, B8551GG, B8551WB, B8552AC, A8829WW, 160, 8841, SB921SH*00, SB920WG*00, SB921WE*04, SB922SH*00, 52B950WH*00, SB921KG*00, 52B850SG, SB905WG*00, SB921SE*04, 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Product Note Price
0136400026 Dishwasher Inlet Valve Single 1/2inch 4L/m 0136400026 Dishwasher Inlet Valve Single 1/2inch 4L/m
$22.10 *
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