425009P Fisher Paykel Washing Machine Lip Seal

425009P Fisher Paykel Washing Machine Lip Seal

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Genuine Fisher and Paykel lip seal, it is good practice to replace the two bearings at the same time as the seal.

The bearings can be purchased on their own or you can save buying as a kit.

Seal out side diameter is 47mm and the inside diameter hole is 22mm

Bearing Package available at: Bearing and Seal Pack

We stock a large range of washing machine parts for all the popular models.

Lipseal to suit all top load washers. May also require two bearings part number 425006P.

Replaces the following part numbers: 425009, 1547087, 1548376

Suits models: GW501, GW712 GW701, MW051, MW061, MW071, LW015, GW503, GW603, GW703, MW053, LW035, GW508, GW608, GW708, MW058, LW085, AW085, GW509, MW059, AW095, IW509, IW609, IW709, IWL10, IWM10, IWC09, IW710, IW810, MW611, MW711, MW612, MW712, MW511, MW512, GWC09, LW095, GW709, GW609AU, GW712, MW059AU, IW812, GW709AU, MW058U, WL70T60DW, GW603-U (93975), MW051-U, GW512, IW712, GW703U, GW508U (93135), GW503-U (93974), GW612, GW508U (93105), GW509AU (93145), WL80T65DW, GW511, GW609, GW601, GW712AU, GW608U (93136), AW085 (93102 WH), GW609 (93166 WH), GW501 (94915 (GW501-UB)), GW708 (93107 GW708U), GW501U, GW603 (93971), GW700 (93907 GW700B-U), GW712 (93187-B FP WH), GW712 (93187-A AU FP WH), IW509 (93155 AU FP WH), IW509 (93138 AU FP WH), IW609 (93156 WH), IW709 (93157 AU FP WH), IW710 (93139 FP WH), IW711 (93153 FP WH), IW712 (93202-A AU FP WH), WA75T65GW1, WL80T65CW1, GW650 (93917 GW650A-U), GW500B-U, WL70T60CW, GW600, MW053U, GW601U, MW513, GW612AU (93172 AU WH), AW095 (93142 WH), GW711, GW708U, GW611, GW608U (93106)

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