354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal

354135 Kleenmaid Bosch front load Washing Machine Seal

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Front Loading Washing Machine Seal for Kleenmaid and Bosch

This is a factory original replacement part to suit Kleenmaid. Mr Appliance offers a Price Match Guarantee on all Kleenmaid Appliance Spare Parts

Replaces the following part numbers: 00354135, 1704303, 1734510, 1618327

Suits models: WAE28464GB03 - WFD2073GB05 - WFD2073GB06 - WFD2460GB01, WFD2473GB01 - WFL2000GB01 - WFL2000UK01 - WFL2062GB12, WFL2066GB08 - WFL2260GB01 - WFL2260UK01 - WFL2260UK04, MAXWFB1602 - WFB2000 - WFB2405 - WFL2450 - WFL2450GB04, WFO2866GB05 - WFC2060NL/01 - WFC2060GB/01 - WFC2060NL/01, WM20820 - WM21250 - WXB1060FF/60, WAE18060AU/11, WXB1060GB/01 - WXB1060GB/02, WAE16160ZA01, WFL2400AU, HWF-1200X, WAE18060AU04, WAE24460AU01, WAE2246AU01, HWF-800X, WFL2400AU20, WFL1880AU01, WFL1660, WFO2460AU21, WAE24270AU06, WFL2400AU/30, WFL2000AU20, WAE26470AU01, WFL1660AU30, WFL1800AU30, WFL2000AU27, WAE18060AU11, WAE18060AU01, WFL1800AU21, WAE22460AU09, WFL2060AU01, WAE24270AU01, WFL1660AU04, WAE22260AU01, WAE20260AU06, WFO2460AU18, WFL1600AU01, WAE18060AU09, WFL1660AU29, WAE18060AU05, WAE22260AU06, WAE22460AU01, WAE22460AU11, WFD1060BY01, WFL1880AU20, WAE26470AU09, WAE24270AU09, WAE24270AU11, WAE24460AU09, WAE24460AU11, WAE24460AU13, WAE24460AU14, WAE26470AU11, WFO2460AU16, WFL1600AU09, WFL2000AU04, WFL2000AU28, WFL2000AU30, WFL2480AU01, WFL2480AU04, WFL206KAU04, WAE20060AU01, WAE20060AU05, WAE20060AU09, WAE20060AU11, WAE20260AU01, WAE20260AU09, WAE22460AU13, WFL1660AU27, WFL1660AU28, WFL2080AU04, WAE26470AU13, WFL1800AU04, WFL1800AU27, WFL1800AU28, WFL1800AU29, WFL1880AU27, WFL1880AU28, WFL1880AU29, WFL1880AU30, WFL2080AU27, WFL2080AU28, WFL2080AU30, WFL2400AU27, WFL2400AU28, WFL2400AU30, WFO2060AU16, WFO2060AU18, WFO2060AU21, WHT0800AU04, WHT0800AU27, WHT0800AU28, WHT0800AU29, WHT0800AU30, WHT1200AU27, WHT1200AU28, WHT1200AU30, WXL147AUK19, WXL148AUK19, WXL167AUK16, WXLM148AUK19, WAE20260AU11, WFL1880AU26

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