1411400 fridge Thermostat - Westinghouse

1411400 fridge Thermostat - Westinghouse

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Fridge Thermostat part nuumber 1411400. Suits Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Simpson and Electrolux Fridges. 

Models include: KCM2100WB KCM1500WB H700T H500T H321T H211T H151T H150V H210V H320V H500V H700V FJ383T WCM1500WA WCM2100WA WCM5000WA WCM7000WA WCM3200WA H700H*11 H700H*04 H700H H500H H320H H210H H150H H150H*13 H210H*13 H500H*01 H500H*04 H500H*13 FJ383Q FJ303T F290T H150H-XNZ H150H-XNZ*13 H210H-XNZ H210H-XNZ*13 H320H-XNZ H320H-XNZ*13 H500H-XNZ H500H-XNZ*01 H500H-XNZ*04 H500H-XNZ*13 H700H-XNZ H700H-XNZ*04 H700H-XNZ*11 FD152ES*03 FD152ES*08 FD152ES*12 FD153S*03 FD153S*08 FD153S*12 FD213S*12 FD212ES*01 FD212ES*08 FD212ES*12 FD213S*01 FD213S*08 FD323S*06 FD323S*08 FD323S*12 FD503S FD703S FJ208S FN291F FN291F*06 FJ303Q H150D H210D H320D H500D H700D FD152ES FD212ES FD153S FD213S FD323S 97732000 97815000 97832000 98715000 98721000 98732000 98815000 98832000 F290A FD152D-U FD212D-U FD212C-U FD153G FD153K FD213G FD213K FD323G FD323K

This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part. All Electrolux Spare parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

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