Enhance the outdoor cooking experience by choosing high quality BeefEater and BUGG (BeefEater Universal Gas Grill) accessories for your barbecue. They’re tough, durable and created to work seamlessly with your new BBQ. From family gatherings to full-on banquets, the BeefEater accessory range can be trusted to help you host the best Aussies barbecues. Take your pick from an extensive variety of accessories, all custom made to make your cooking experience perfectly satisfying.

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Product no.: BB94923

BB94923 BeefEater BUGG 3-Piece BBQ Tool Kit

$39.95 *
Product no.: BB94982

BB94982 BeefEater BBQ BUGG Digital Thermometer

$39.95 *
Product no.: BD94969

BD94969 BeefEater BUGG Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose BBQ Spatula

$14.95 *
Product no.: BD94945

BD94945 BeefEater BBQ BUGG Poultry Roaster Integrated Vege Basket

$35.95 *
Product no.: BD94968

BD94968 BeefEater BUGG Professional BBQ Super Tongs

$26.95 *
Product no.: BD94820

BD94820 BeefEater BUGG 3 in 1 BBQ Cleaning Tool

$9.00 *
Product no.: BB92975

BB92975 BeefEater BUGG BBQ Roasting Dish

$22.45 *
Product no.: BB92965

BB92965 BeefEater BUGG Roast Rack for BBQ Deep Dish

$15.95 *
Product no.: BB94935

BB94935 BeefEater BUGG Pizza Stone Set

$39.95 *

In stock

Product no.: BB94905

BB94905 BeefEater BBQ BUGG Chimney Charcoal Fire Starter

$35.95 *
Product no.: ACC172

ACC172 BBQ Cast Iron Grills – 2 Piece Set

$129.95 *
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