UNI012 Universal Magnetic Pump Motor - Euro models

UNI012 Universal Magnetic Pump Motor - Euro models

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Universal Washing Machine and Dishwasher part UNI012. AKA UNI200 & UNI087.

Specifications: 220V-240V, 50Hz, 0.2A, 40W, 8Min.ON/10Min.OFF, 5-Mounting Holes, + Brackets

High quality product to suit a large range of top loading washing machines and front washing machines. Brands such as LG, Asko, Philips, Samsung, NEC, Whirlpool, Kleenmaid, Daewoo and several more.

Universal pump Motor will fit a wide variety of Washing machines and dishwashers.

Replaces the following part numbers: 147112300, 4030200, 4681EA2001, 8801168, DFL200, GN398371, GN547364, MTLW7.DP.01, PGW032, PMP229, 1584508, 1687226, 631863, 631882, 1680272

Suits models: LF711C, D1796, D1706, LF708C, SWT554, SWT951, SWF10761, SWT954, SWT604, SWF10832, SWT704, LD-14AW3, WD-1219BD, WT-H800, WT-H950, LD-14AW1, LD-14AT2, WT-H755A, WD-1460FHD, WT-H555A, LD-4050W, WTH70A60EP (AOWREAP), WF-T502, LD-2120W, WD-1019BD, WD-1021W, WD-1247RD, WD-1290RD, WD-1227RD, LD-14AT1, LD-12AW2, WD12495FD (ATPREAP), LD-14AT3, F1069FD4 (F1069FD4.ABWREAP), F1069FD3 (F1069FD3.ABWREAP), F1069FD (F1069FD.ABWREAP), F14A8FD (F14A8FD.ABWQESW), F1069FD2 (F1069FD2.ABWREAP), WD14800RD, WD14039D, WD14030FD, WD14075D6 (AESREAP), WD14030D (ABWREAP), WD14060SD6 (ASSREAP), WD14060SD6 (AESREAP), WD14060D6, WD-1457RD, WD14750SD, WD-1488RD (AOWRRAN), WD14030RD (F1403RD ABWREAP), WD14030RD (F1403RD3 ABWREAP), WD-1485RD, WD14030FD6, WD14030RD6, WD14039D6, WD14030D6, WD-8023FB, WD-1481RD, WD14070D6, WD-1488RD (AOWREAP), WD14756SD, WD-14313RD (AOWREAP), WD-1470FD, 1605, 1805, 001705DW 95.2, 10504, DM1975, 10505, 1705

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