5220FR2075B LG washing machine inlet Valve 3Way

5220FR2075B LG washing machine inlet Valve 3Way

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5220FR2075B LG washing machine inlet Valve 3Way. 

12mm external, 240Volt , 50Hz 4.8mm spade terminals

This is a genuine LG replacement Part. All LG spare parts come with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Replaces LG part numbers: 5220FR2075A 5220FR2009F 5221EN2003A 5221EN2003C. Alos can be used to replace Asko 8008003 and 251801

Suits LG Models: WD-1433RD WD-1227RD WD-1290RD WD-1412RD WD-1433RD WD-1435RD WD-1438RD WD-1480RD WD-1481RD WD-1485RD WD-14700RD WD-14030RD 

And Asko Models: WM90 10505 W600 12002  12004

Replaces the following part numbers: 8061757, 251801, 5520FR2075A, 5220FR2009F, 5221EN2003A, 1727517, 1656019

Suits more models: W6761 AU -White 336086, W6011 AU -White 900003196, W6021 AU -White 900003197, W600 AU -White 900003214, W6221 AU -White 900003239, W6231 AU -White 900003240, W620 AU -White 900003261, W6451 AU -Titanium 900003299, W6451 AU -White 900003303, W6441 AU -White 900003312, W6441 AU -Titanium 900003313, W6431 AU -White 900003314, W6761 AU -Stainless 900003358, W640 AU -White 900003378, W6551 AU -White 900003407, W6661 AU -White 900003468, W660 AU -White 900003473, W660 AU -Stainless 900003474, W6762 AU -White 900003494, W6782 AU -Stainless 90000349, FR2922NCZB, WD-1227RD - WD-12270RD, WD-1290RD - WD-12321RD, WD-1412RD - WD-14120RD, WD-1435RD - WD-14332AD, WD-1438RD - WD-14333AD, WD-1480RD - WD-14310RD, WD1402CRD6 - F1496AD3, WD1402CRD6 - FH496ADP3, WD14030RD - F1403RD, WD14030RD - F1403RD3, WD14030RD6 - F1480RD, WD14130RD6 - F14A8RD, WD14700RD - WD-14333ADK, WDC1475NCW - F4J6QMP1W, WD-1019BD - WD-10190BD, WD-1021WH, WD-1219BD - WD-12195BD, W6441, W6551, W6011, W6021, W600, W640

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