360313 Washing Machine Hot/Cold Inlet Valve 10mm 16L/M

360313 Washing Machine Hot/Cold Inlet Valve 10mm 16L/M

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360313. This is the Genuine Simpson (Electrolux) inlet valve. 

This Hot and Cold 90 degree solenoid valve will suit a large range of Simpson, Hoover and Westinghouse washing machines. This valve is not suitable for Dishwashers. 

100% OEM Genuine Electrolux Valve, not a cheap copy. Some companies are selling cheap copies of this vavle, and offering it under the original part number. Most of these copies cannot be trusted because the fill rates may be wrong, which will cause leaking and flooding. We do stock a non-original version of this (part Number W035) which is less expensive, but has the correct fill rate.  

Inlet Valve Summary:

360313 - 16L/M 10MM (washing machines) 
W035 - Aftermarket alternative to the 360313. Cheaper alternative.  (Be Careful. Many compnaies on the internet sell this valve and pass it off as a genuine valve. Some even print Elexctrolux labels and re-bag them. If you find a valve under $20 - it's nerarly certainly a copy) 

7021948 - 7L/M 10mm (early Dishelx Dishwasher). 
0136400041 - 4l/M 10mm - now use 0136400026
0136400026 - 4L/M 12.5mm. (most newer dishwashers)

Some Hoover machines can have a straight valve 0136200083, so we suggest you check prior to purchase.

This valve is not suitable for Dishwashers. 

Electrolux are the owners of the AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex Brands. There is often crossover between parts for all these brands.

Replaces the following part numbers: 75686011, 43514403, 360313B, 1020101, 1020103, 43514402, 75686007, 75686008, 75686011, AED4976, 1582349, 1582018, 1580523, 1580302, 1581086, 1579767, 1579638, 1579806, 1583287, 1580085

Suits models: LTL9708, A6894-015, A6896-015, AF036-015, AF038-015, ADMIRAL, 5100-A6838, GEMINI, 894-A6836, GALAXY, MSE, 884-A6834, COMMODORE, 892-A6832, HOOVER1000-A6826, HOOVER800-A6828, HOOVER900-A6830, HOOVER972-A6830-005, 22S750M, 91304101000, 22S750M*00, 913001241, 22S950M, 91304101100, SWT552SA, 91304100200, SWT902SA, 91304100800, SWT902SA*00, 913001228, SWT955SA, 91304100900, SWT955SA*00, 913001229, SWT605SA, 91304100300, 91304101001, SWT802SA, 91304100701, 91304100801, 91304100901, 91304100201, 91304100301, 91304104700, 91304101101, 91304100700, SWT802SA*00, 913001227, SWT554, 91304105800, 91304105900, SWT754, 91304106100, 91304106400, 22S750L*00, 22S750L*02, 22S800L*00, 22S800L*02, 22S805L*00, 22S805L*02, 22S950L*00, 22S950L*02, 36P450L*00, 36P450L*02, 36P450L*03, 36S550L*00, 36S550L*02, 36S605L*02, LT955SA*00, LT955SA*01, LT809SA*01, 22S750K*03, 36P500M*00, 36S605M*00, EWT606SA, 91304100400, 22S700H*01, LC4200P*01, LC550S*01, 36B402P*01, 36B406P*01, 36B407SA*01, 36B412S*01, 36B504P*01, 36B505S*01, 36B508SA*01, LC420P000, LC550S000, 36B402P000, 36B406P000, 36B407SA000, 36B504P000, 36B505S000, 36B508SA000, 22S800L*03, 22S950L*03, LB420P000, LB420P030, LB550S000, LB550S030, W42AP000, W42AP030, W55AS000, W55AS030, 36A402P000, 36A402P010, 36A402P020, 36A402P030, 36A406P000, 36A406P010, 36A406P020, 36A406P030, 36A407SA000, 36A407SA010, 36A407SA020, 36A407SA030, 36A504P000, 36A504P010, 36A504P020, 36A504P030, 36A505S000, 36A505S010, 36A505S020, 36A505S030, 36A508SA000, 36A508SA010, 36A508SA020, 36A508SA030, 22S816K*00, 22C821S*01, 22C821S*02, 22C822P*01, 22C822P*02, 22C823S*01, 22C823S*02, 22D721S*01, 22D721S*02, 22D728P*01, 22D728P*02, 22D729S*01, 22D729S*02, 22D824P*01, 22D824P*02, 22D825P*01, 22D825P*02, 22D826S*01, 22D826S*02, 22D827S*01, 22D827S*02, 22D828SS*01, 22D828SS*02, 22D829SA*01, 22D829SA*02, LT609SA*01, LT609SA*00, LD425P*01, LD425P*03, LD555S*01, LD555S*03, 36D427S*01, 36D427S*02, 36D428P*01, 36D422P*01, 36D428P*03, 36D422P*02, 36D522P*01, 36D422P*03, 36D423P*01, 36D423P*02, 36D522P*03, 36D423P*03, 36D426P*01, 36D426P*02, 36D523S*01, 36D523S*02, 36D523S*03, 36D524P*01, 36D524P*02, 36D524P*03, 36D525S*01, 36D525S*02, 36D525S*03, 36D528SA*01, 36D528SA*02, 36D528SA*03, AC36D422P*01, AC36D525S*01, 36S605K*01, LB725P000, LB725P010, LB750S000, 22A706S000, 22A706S010, LB750S010, 22A706S100, 22A704P000, 22A704P010, 22A706S110, 22A707PA000, 22A704P100, 22A707PA010, 22A704P110, 22A705P000, 22A707PA100, 22A707PA110, 22A705P010, 22A708SA000, 22A705P100, 22A705P110, 22A708SA010, 22A708SA100, 22A708SA110, 22A710SE000, 22A710SE010, LT955SA*02, LT608SA*01, LT608SA*02, LT608SA*03, 22B705P*02, LB725P020, LB750S020, 22A704P120, 22A705P120, 22A707PA120, 22A708SA120, 22A710SE020, LC725P000, LC750S000, 22B704P000, 22B705P000, 22B706S000, 22B707PA000, 22B708SA000, 22B710SE000, 22P728G*02, 500ME*00, 600ME*00, 22C804P*01, 22C806S*01, 22C808SS*01, 22C812P*01, 22C813S*01, 22C814S*01, 700LE*00, LT609SAU*03, 500MB*01, 550MB*01, 600MB*01, 913041058, 913041059, 36S605N, 91304105700, 36S550M, 91304100001, 91304100000, 36S550N, 91304105100, 36S605M, 91304100101, 36S550M*00, 913001215, 91304100100, SWT604, 36S605L*00, 22S750N, LT809SA*00, SWT954, 22S701E*06, 36S557J*02, LD800S*03, 36P450H*03, 22P600H*01, 22S720F*04, 22S730E*01, 22S822F*01, 36E525S*02, 36E523S*02, LE555S*02, LD850SA*01, 36P450H*01, 36S500H*01, 22S821F*04, 36S540H*01, 22S700H*02, 22S741H*02, 22P824D*03, 36S541H*01, 22S821E*01, 22S730F*01, 22S730G*01, 36E528SA*02, 22S826F*01, 36E524P*01, 36E522P*01, LE425P*01, LD850SA*02, 36S424E*01, LD800S*01, 22S821F*05, 36S541J*01, 22P728G*01, 36P422E*04, 36S540H*02, 22S757J*01, 22S720F*05, 36S555J*01, 22S756J*01, 22S823F*01, 22S821F*01, 22S740H*01, 22S700H*03, 22S823E*01, LC725P*02, 22P822E*01, 22S730G*02, LD800S*05, 36P428E*01, 22B715S*02, 22S741H*01, 36S541H*02, 36E528SA*01, 36P401F*01, 36P401F*04, 22B711SE*02, 36S550J*01, 36E422P*01, 36P450J*02, 22S822F*04, 36S541J*02, 36E523S*01, 36S550J*02, 22S822F*05, 22P650J*01, 36E423P*01, 22S741J*01, 22S823F*04, 22S750J*01, LE425P*04, 22P650J*02, 22S823F*05, 22S741J*02, LD850SA*03, 22S750J*02, 22P824D*04, 500MA*01, LD800S*02, 550MA*01, 22P824D*05, 700LA*01, 36P428G*01, 750LA*01, 22P824D*06, 800RLA*01, 36P450J*01, 22S650J*01, 22S826F*04, 22S757J*02, 22S826F*05, 36S500H*03, 36S424E*04, 22P728E*01, 36E525S*01, 22S756J*02, LE555S*01, LE555S*04, 36S556J*01, 22P600H*03, LD850SA*05, 229728G*02, 36S557J*01, 22S740H*03, 36S541H*03, 22S741H*03, 36S555J*02, 22S740H*02, 36S525E*04, 22S720F*01, 36S556J*02, 22B710SE*02, LC750S*02, 22B750P*02, 750LD*00, 700LD*00, 36S550K*01, 22S650K*03, 36P450K*01, 36S550J*04, 800RLD*01, 800RLD*00, 600MD*00, 550MD*00, 36P450J*04, 500MD*00, K600B*03, K600B*02, 600MB*02, 800ELA*01, 550MB*02, 500MB*02, K605B*02, 36S605K*02, 36S550K*03, 36S550K*02, 36P450K*03, 36P450K*02, 22S757J*03, 22S756J*03, K800C*01, 800ELC*01, 800RLC*01, K750C*01, 750LC*01, 700LC*01, 22S807K*01, 22S806K*01, 22S750K*01, 22S650K*01, K800B*01, 800ELB*01, K750B*01, 800RLB*01, 750LB*01, 700LB*01, K600B*01, 2430L0AUS, 7005L0AUS, 2045L0AUS, 2085L0AUS, 2300L0AUS, 2305L0AUS, 2310L0AUS, 2315L0AUS, 2320L0AUS, 2325L0AUS, 2425L0AUS, 2065L0AUS, A6830, A6924, A6834, A6830-005, A6908, A6904, A6836, A6928, A6914, A6832, A6916, A6826, A6926, A6906, A6918, A6838, A6910, A6912, A6930, A6920, A6932, A6894, A6896, A6922, A6900, A6828, A6902, A6976, A6974, A6972, A6970, A6968, A6964, A6962, A6960, A6958, A6956, A6950, A6984, A6978, A6954, A6952, 1020, A6464, A6466, A6468, A6274, A6232, 960, 970, 975, A6578, A6580, A6582, A6470, A6584, A6590, A6516, 1010, 200M0AUS

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7021948 Dishwasher Inlet Valve - Single 10mm 7L/m 7021948 Dishwasher Inlet Valve - Single 10mm 7L/m
$35.90 *
0136400026 Dishwasher Inlet Valve Single 1/2inch 4L/m 0136400026 Dishwasher Inlet Valve Single 1/2inch 4L/m
$38.90 *
0136200083 Inlet Valve Genuine Simpson Washing Machine 0136200083 Inlet Valve Genuine Simpson Washing Machine
$37.50 *
0136200082 Inlet Valve 90Deg 10Mm 10L Simpson washing 0136200082 Inlet Valve 90Deg 10Mm 10L Simpson washing
$33.80 *
W035 Water Inlet Valve Electrolux Washing Machine W035 Water Inlet Valve Electrolux Washing Machine
$14.95 *
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